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Aligning Business & IT

Business & IT Alignment

Many firms today enjoy rapid change, but are constrained by organizational structures and processes that do not develop in sync with their supporting ERP and information systems. When facing new challenges, companies often find that their systems cannot adapt to their business models and processes easily. This has often led to development of peripheral, and in some cases disparate systems, making it difficult for the organization to swiftly manage change in business or IT systems.

Westernacher specializes in bridging the gaps between information technology and your organization's business strategy and decision-making needs.

We'll help you achieve business impact

Our consulting teams help you address the most challenging technology issues and determine the right solution for your business. In our experience, aggressive timelines and budgets for technology projects are achieved most effectively by deploying the right combination of business judgment and IT know-how.

Westernacher is the key enabler for senior management teams of global corporations, transforming costly IT and business reengineering investments into a real competitive advantage. By aligning processes, applications and functionality with corporate strategy we help you bring value to your shareholders.

How Westernacher Can Help

IT Transformation:
We transform your IT organization to a best-in-class business enabler that is organized for continuous improvement in business strategy implementation as well as operational excellence and cost effectiveness

IT Strategy:
We help define the goals and expectations of senior leadership in regard to the capabilities of information technology.

IT Organization:
Definition of the optimal IT organization to meet your busi­nesses needs and cut costs.

Why Westernacher?

Our seasoned technology professionals have extensive experience in aligning the right IT solution with specific business processes and requirements. They also understand how to facilitate effective communication among leaders of client IT and business units while providing candid, independent perspectives and advice.

Our priority throughout the course of each project is to create the best possible conditions for practical IT results, in order to support the objectives of our client's business.

Benefits of Our Business and IT Alignment Services

  • Optimal fit of business processes and supporting IT systems for improved performance
  • Deployment of proven technology and systems that are tailored to your business needs
  • Implementation of a fully integrated system and the skills to run it


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Benjamin Dewilde

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